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Asha TX to present breakthrough data for ASHA-044 tareting Beta-Catenin in colorectal cancer at NGIO

Asha Therapeutics will be presenting new data at the 6th Annual Next-Gen Immuno-oncology Conference showing robust efficacy of their Beta-Catenin targeted protein degrader (TPD) ASHA-044 in a CDX model of colorectal carcinoma (CRC).

CRC is one of the most aggressive and metastatic tumors with incidence of disease skyrocketing over the past 5 years, particular in young ~40yr old populations.

CRC tumors are typically characterized by the lack of appreciable immune cell infiltration, often refered to as an immune desert. This immune profile often renders CRC tumors unresponsive to targeted immune checkpoint therapies. ASHA-044 targets a key pathway often mutated in CRC that drives immune silence and promotes cellular proliferation, cell death resistance, and metastatic transition.

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